Step 1 - Develop the Business Use Case Proposal

The data requesting signatory department is the primary developer and submitter of the Business Use Case Proposal (BUCP). It is required that the data requesting department engage with the data providing department in the development of the BUCP. To help identify data assets available and the appropriate data stewards to engage in another signatory department, contact the Department’s Data Coordinator early in the process.

Step 2–Submit the Proposal for Review

The data requesting department should formally submit the BUCP to the data providing department. The requesting Data Coordinator will notify the Agency Information Officers or the equivalent, indicating that the BUCP has been submitted for review. Include the BUCP name and the contact information for the data requesting and data providing departments. During the BUCP review, the providing department considers if the BUCP meets “minimum necessary”[1] and “consistent with collection purpose”[2] requirements.

[1] Minimum Necessary: Sharing only the minimum amount necessary to accomplish the purpose of the use or disclosure, whether shared internally or with external parties. The minimum necessary for departmental sharing is based on the department’s need to know as related to the project, initiative, need, or legal mandates. For internal use of received data, the amount of information necessary to accomplish the purpose varies by job title, classification, and/or function. Use within a department of received data is related to the need to know based on job function or legal mandates.

[2] Consistent with Collection Purpose: The requested data elements for collection connect logically with the statement of intended purpose of the dataset.

Step 3–Approve or Dispute the Proposal

BUCP approval should be granted by either the second highest ranking executive or the executive over the program of both the requesting and providing departments. The Data Coordinators for each department must also provide their approval of the completed form. Other signatories may also be required to approve the BUCP, as appropriate. Once the BUCP is approved, the Agency Information Officer or equivalent from the data providing department will submit the signed BUCP and any associated attachments to the California State Chief Data Officer for filing. If a BUCP is disputed, the providing department submits the BUCP dispute to the Agency Information Officer. The disputed BUCP enters into the resolution process. The providing department should document the reason for the dispute. As part of the BUCP review, a department’s interpretation of the laws under its jurisdiction will be presumptively correct but is not final.